Dog reshoot for web email-1

Sharicus Will Get It Yet!, Reclaimed Materials, 29" x 32" x 16", 2013

GG for email & web-2

Aviaum Thinks He found Some Food (but is it just food for thought), Reclaimed Materials, 14" x 28" x 15", 2013

The Trek of Galguphia and Saldula

The Trek of Galguphia and Saldula, Reclaimed Materials, 38" x 24" x 24", 2010


Tipe Comes In For A Landing, Reclaimed Materials, 31" x 33" x 16", 2012

frugilegus and Pica found an old rocking Chair

Frugilegus & Pica Found An Old Rocking Chair, Reclaimed Materials, 24" x 25" x 25", 2013


The Courtship of Purcist & Osmia, Reclaimed Materials, 22" x 30" x 22", 2011


Alipinus In Action, Reclaimed Materials, 32" x 88" x 16", 2012

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Blue Footed Frog

The blue footed frog (Dendrobates azureus) breeds seasonally, usually during February or March when it is rainy. To find mates the males sit on a rock and produce quiet calls, which the females follow to track down the males. The females then physically fight over a male. The male takes the female to a quiet […]


Work for Donations

These two pieces are heading for donations, the walrus is traveling to Sitka Alaska and the Sheldon Jackson Museum Art Auction and fundraiser in January. The river otter is headed to the Artist Emergency Art Auction at The Yares Space in Santa Fe on December 15th.



Just finished this piece, Kennicottii, reclaimed material, 12″ x 7″ x 7″. The wire whiskers just about killed me!

Wall Installation

I just got this picture of the installation I created at SOFA Chicago. 6 wasps against a drawing of a nest.


Walrus Head

I just got back from a successful art fair in Chicago and now working on a walrus head. I am going to give this piece to the Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka, Alaska, for their auction in January.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there? ― Thích Nhất Hạnh


Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Just finished-three more wasps & yellow jackets. Yes…wasps. My earlier posting referred to them as bees-incorrect. Bees can be cute, rolly-polly, fuzzy flying insects. My wasps are not cute or fuzzy, they are long, thin and have an attitude-just like the real thing.

Filifera:Ring-Nosed Rhino

Filifera:Ring-Nosed Rhino

Another piece “Filifera:Ring-Nosed Rhino” for Art Palm Beach with Jane Sauer Gallery in January.

Bakerie Has A New Best Friend

Larger Than Life

This rabbit is almost four feet high, it gives him some presence. He has befriended a small song bird,made from cast iron. Bakerie Has A New Best Friend Metal/cloth/wire/ found objects 49″ x 12″ x 10′

Coral Snake

Coral Snake

I just finished what I am calling, Collaris: Pipe Clamp Coral Snake. He is a mixture of different colored bike tires, pipe clamps and painted cloth. He also has a curious assortment of buttons, tools, and screws, washers and odds/ends that he has accumulated during his travels.

Germainica Goes Out For lunch Every Day (l)

Frog Commission

Several months ago my Santa Fe gallery told me that some collectors had come in the gallery, really checked out my work, but they only collect frogs. They asked me to make any type of frog that I wanted to. It took me a little bit of time to come up with the movements, articulations […]

Stellatus (l)

3 More Pieces for Aqua Miami Art Fair

As I mentioned earlier, The J Go Gallery, in Park City,UT, is participating in the Aqua Hotel Art Fair in Miami. The show is from December 6th till the 9th. They are setting up a cabinet of curiosity in their room and asked me to make some work for this, which fits perfectly into my […]

Banksia (l)

Aqua Art Fair Miami

The J Go Gallery, in Park City,UT, is participating in the Aqua Hotel Art Fair in Miami. The show is from December 6th till the 9th. They are setting up a cabinet of curiosity in their room and asked me to make some work for this, which fits perfectly into my vision for my work. […]

snake 010


My daughter was recently in the high desert of Northern New Mexico and spotted a small rattlesnake. Her picture of the creature made it look precious and beautiful like a small Turkish rug. I have not made many snakes, finding them complicated and beyond my imagination but after seeing this one, I made “Gallopavo Unwinding.” […]


Showing in Chicago

These two new pieces are also heading for Chicago and the SOFA Art Fair at Navy Pier. The large, over sized rabbit is holding an award that he won. The only problem is the award, which is mysterious to say the least. (It looks like some Foreign Legionnaire holding a dislocated arm.) “ROSEUS FINALLY WINS […]

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Literary Inspirations

I’ve been thinking about the creative process and where it comes from. For me, one important place where I find inspiration for new pieces is from the books I read.(Of course I have never lacked a vivid imagination.) In fact, my entire art ‘career’ got started from reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark […]


Santa Fe Community Gallery Exhibition

The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery announces “Fine Folk of New Mexico” an exhibition celebrating the art of the people, places and culture of New Mexico. Friday, October 26, 2012, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Here is the link Community Gallery. This piece from a private collector will be in the exhibition.


A Different Perspective

My good friend Jodi Balsamo took some interesting photographs of work from my show at the Jane Sauer Gallery. I really like the way Jodi saw the work through very different eyes!


One Large Rabbit

I just made this four foot Rabbit. He is ready for action!


Working with Lead

Off and on I have used lead as an exterior covering. Amazingly enough, it is very delicate and takes more patience than I am used to, having mainly worked with rusted tin. But it has several interesting qualities such as being extremely malleable, easy to cut, and produces finishes that range from metallic to ceramic. […]


Jane Sauer Essay

Animology August 2012 Geoffrey Gorman continues on his pilgrimage of bringing life to materials that might otherwise turn up in a garage sale at best or in the town dump at worse. Instead of the local art store, he finds his art supplies at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and as gifts left on the […]


Animal Portraits

These two pieces are headed to the Paul Scott Gallery, in Bend, Oregon.